Shhhhhh… Keeping it Quiet in the Bedroom

Recently, I was out with friends and we were discussing condoms. One friend mentioned that even he, a middle-aged, open-minded adult, learned a few things about condoms in our conversation that might be helpful for others to know. Since this information holds great value for many ages, behold:

With healthy sex, you have awareness and empathy for your partner’s experiences. True eroticism arises from the particular energy created by two people who care for and respect each other. Most therapists in the sex therapy field focus on being able to sexually function. But “optimal” sex includes consideration of eroticism, intimacy and personal meaning in sexual behavior. The human capacity for intimacy and attachment gives profound emotional meaning to sexual experience. With these factors in place, human beings are capable of profound sexual experiences.

3. Make eye contact. When you’re exploring your partner’s body, look up into their eyes. Let them know that you want to connect with them on an emotional level as well as a physical one. And smile once in awhile, show your partner that exploring their body is giving you pleasure, too. Now you’re increasing trust, so your partner can feel more sexually expressive when they have an orgasm.

By knowing how to make myself reach orgasm sex is much more pleasurable and satisfying; however, my body does not always co-operate and learning to enjoy the journey is just as important as reaching the destination. Often working to reach orgasm is high pressure, even if it is just me pressuring myself to do it. I have had clients who have a hard time reaching orgasm during sex and if they use a vibrator while masturbating they may be less sensitive to other stimulation. They either need to decrease their reliance on the vibrator or learn how to incorporate it into their sex sessions.

You can try the sexual positions that you both find comfortable and pleasurable. If erectile dysfunction is an issue, you can adopt the woman-on-top sex position. For women, using lubrication can help to overcome dryness problem. You can also make some changes in the way you engage in sexual activities such as having sex in different places and time of the day.

If a man wants to work as a male escort or a gigolo, he must possess the nerves of steel & heart of kind prince. He must possess the strength of a bull, yet the embrace of soft & warm sunshine.